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Macri Clothing - A Unique Worldwide Distribution Opportunity

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Due to massive recent growth MACRI Clothing is seeking worldwide distribution partners in many countires, listed above in BLUE.

This unique opportunity will give the partner EXCLUSIVE sale rights throughout their country/region & access to all of MACRI's best selling designs.

MACRI has built a huge following in Australia and is building a worldwide presence expanding into international markets.
Online sales have seen an explosion of growth in the past 24 months.

We are seeking business partners who believe in the MACRI brand and want to take on ALL of our hugely successful brands in this unique opportunity.
Investment is required in the form of minimum stock purchases per annum. The amount of the initial investment will vary depending on your country/region.

Do you have capital to invest ?
Do you love fashion and streetwear?
Do you know an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY when you see one?
Are you driven to succeed?

To find out more contact us immediately

This opportunity will not be around forever. Let's GROW together.

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